Kids Halloween Yoga

Celebrate Halloween with some fun, mindful movement!
Halloween is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate with our little ones. While we know everyone is excited for costumes and candy, we’re here to help you incorporate some fun, mindful movement into the holiday with some Halloween yoga. 

Halloween Yoga Theme: 

The theme of this practice is kindness and encouraging our kids to be nice to everyone, or in this case letting everyone "ride on the broom!”

Halloween Book to Include: 

We incorporate the Halloween book, Room on The Broom into this yoga practice. It’s a fun story with a great lesson about a witch who befriends three animals who help her out in exchange for a ride on her broom!

How to Use Breath Work: 

As the story goes along, we use wind breath. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale make your breath sound like the wind. Try a soft wind and then a really powerful wind!

Halloween Yoga Practice

Grab your Jollie child's yoga mat and warm up with some Sun Salutations and then use a few of our favorite poses to go with the Room on the Broom  when you hear the following words:

Cat: Cat/Cow

Broomstick: Chair - we added an open twist like we were flying through the sky

Dog: Down Dog - we added a three legged dog here since we already did our down dog in our sun salutation

Bird: Warrior 3 

Frog: Squat - and hop around like a frog!

Bog: Child's Pose 

Dragon: Crescent Lunge with arms out wide. We also incorporate breathing fire like the book

Beast: Horse pose - and walk with arms stretched out like a monster!

Cauldron: Wide Leg FF or middle splits  - mix up your potion! Ask your kids to name their favorite thing to put in the pot, just like the book and then make up their own spell. 

Magnificent Broom: Bird Dog 

Savasana: imagine flying through the sky on a broom with your friends!


Interactive Game

5 Little Pumpkins - incorporate wind breath! 

We read the book and do the hand motions that go with the story. Or if you don’t have the book, you can simply use your hands to accompany the story line to make it more interactive.


Coordinating Craft: Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate

halloween yoga kids craft

In this craft, we make a gate with popsicle sticks and clothespins and set 5 candy corn pumpkins on top. Kiddos can explore the different ways you can make a gate and balance the pumpkins.

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Jollie!

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