Jollie believes that mindful movement is essential to a whole, happy life - and that it doesn't have to be boring . That's why we created movement accessories with personality.

Whether you're twisting for an extra deep stretch, sitting for a quiet moment or telling stories to your kids in a cuddly pile, Jollie makes it possible and fun.

Meet the Founders

Created by two women who bonded over a shared vision for healthy families, co-founders Elizabeth and Hilary set out to create a company that went beyond basic fitness, to encouraging creativity, authenticity and joy.

Their Journey

When Elizabeth and Hilary became mothers, they each found themselves wanting to share the benefits of mindful movement with their little ones. And that's when they met - at a teacher training for children's yoga. Elizabeth, a former accounting and IT professional, and Hilary, a young adult cancer survivor who became an oncology nurse, had both become yoga teachers but still yearned for something more impactful. The two paired up to open a family friendly yoga practice, but the brainstorming didn't stop there.

Jollie Was Born

What they created together was a line of mats and straps designed to be used at any age — no matter your ability — as well as their signature Happy Kid Kit, a selection of games, crafts and tools for introducing mindfulness and playful movement to kids' everyday lives.

Jollie is proud to be women-owned and operated!

Jollie's commitment to giving back means that we support pediatric cancer patients every day.

Our impact programs

Jollie's commitment to being kind to the planet means that we use responsibly sourced materials.

Learn how to recycle your old mat

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