Yoga Poses for Children and The Many Benefits That Yoga Brings

Where to start with Yoga for Children

If you’re teaching children math, you teach them the times table. If you’re teaching reading, you teach them phonics. If you’re teaching yoga, you teach them breathwork and fun yoga poses for children. 

We encourage children to become aware of their body, so they can recognize when they’re calm or stressed. Breathing and concentration can help young children tremendously.

We all do everything on autopilot (guilty over here!). Yoga and concentrated breathing allows children to slow down and notice what’s going on around them and encourages them to use all their senses. 

Breathing techniques and regular yoga practice for children teaches mindfulness in a fun and exciting way.

Benefits of Yoga, the Yoga Lifestyle and Yoga Poses for Children


Some children find it hard to relax. Children naturally live in their imaginations, but some over-think things and feel shy and anxious. Yoga takes them out of their head can be very grounding for children of all ages. 


Children learn to be in the present moment while relaxing and gaining a peaceful state of mind.


Yoga for children is non-competitive and can boost their self-esteem – perfecting a pose or improving their balance or flexibility can give a good sense of personal empowerment.


Yoga poses for children increases body awareness and mindfulness – going through a variety of yoga poses helps children learn balance and spatial awareness.


It also enhances concentration and memory– while learning new poses and through yoga games and play, children can improve memory throughout their yoga journey.


Children often learn yoga poses through fun by creating shapes with their bodies that resemble shapes or animals. Through yoga games, story, play and music, children can strengthen their core and key muscles responsible for improving posture.


Children will learn the magic of pranayama- how we can harness our breath to calm us down or power us up. Through pranayama, children can learn how to develop their attention spans by being super observers, how to use all of their senses by being master detectives of their surroundings and learn a sense of community by working together as a team by respecting themselves and each other. 


Meditation can be introduced with short quiet time and through the use of mantra.

Yoga concepts will be introduced to children through discussion, play, and music that is appropriate for their age group. Yoga for children in a studio setting is packed with fun and imagination, but with a sense of control that can empower them for a lifetime.

Yoga Is Not Just Posing

Through mindful movement, practicing observation, patience and focus, children can learn strength and resiliency.

Friendships can also be made when in the studio environment and can bring about community, respectful social interaction, improved self-awareness and confidence.

Utilizing yoga poses for children can help children be in a state of acceptance and awareness of their emotions – we are not trying to get them to stray away from their emotions, the hard feelings are just as welcome as the good ones. Both adults and children’s have good days and bad, little feelings and BIG feelings. They are all part of who we are as human beings.

Doing just a few minutes a day of yoga poses for children can be a wonderful way to start their day and help them tune in and connect with their mind and body.

When is the best time to do yoga with children?

It depends on your feelings and every child is different. 

Some children find their groove doing yoga a bit before bedtime, just to wind down and chill out. (hello easier bedtime routines!)

Others like to do yoga first thing in the morning. Others might choose to start their day off with a calm and nurturing yoga session to get their minds focused and ready to accomplish the day. 

In school time, teachers like to often do yoga after lunch time as it’s a nice way of getting a child’s focus back.

One of the big things for children is having autonomy, having a sense of something they can control, which is an integral part of yoga poses for children. Through mindful movement, they can be in control of their body, be grounded and creative all at the same time.


Yoga Poses for Children and Other Fun Yoga Exercises for the Entire Family

There are many techniques and fun ways to introduce yoga poses to your children. Yoga for both boys and girls promotes mindfulness, relaxation is fun and great for busy bees of all ages. 

Use some of these techniques to calm young anxious minds and get them to concentrate on their breathing and controlled movement.

Children love moving – they want to shake, wiggle and move. Yoga allows children to learn fun shapes with their body. The shapes of the poses lend themselves to children because they love experimenting and learning while being playing and being silly.

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