A Jollie Go Texan Day

Let's Play Rodeo Yoga

Go Texan Day is the unofficial kickoff of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, an opportunity for the Houston community to celebrate Western heritage, raise awareness of Rodeo season, AND dress up the littles in cowboy/cowgirl gear for a fun day of school.

Let’s bring some mindful movement & creativity to this favorite Texan holiday with our Going Out West activities, perfect for children ages 3 to 6. Feel free to do all the activities together if time permits or select one a day during Rodeo Season.


Before beginning any of the below activities, start with some discussion:

What is a cowboy? Where do they live? What do they wear? What animals do you see when you go out west?  


First do complete yoga breath. Bring one hand to your belly, other hand to your chest or heart. Then do Snake breath (inhale, exhale sss), Cow breath (inhale, exhale moo), Horse breath (inhale, exhale nee).

Themed Poses:

Sun Salutation: Dance for the sun, sun salutation

Snake: Cobra

Bull: Lunge/crescent with arms in back of head as horns

Chicken: Arms under legs, flap wings/legs

Armadillo: Child's pose

Horse: Pose

Rancher: Hair pose, lasso with each arm

Cow: Pose

Horseshoe: Locust pose

Boot: Bicycle and “kick boots”

Savasana: Tired from traveling all day, do crescent moon pose to each side, then do half moon pose, then slowly come down to mat and make star pose laying on your backs. Close your eyes, imagine somewhere special to you like in the book, think about the magic within you, think about how you feel in your special place-happy, calm, relaxed…

Partner inversion: Toes touch to make a u shape/horseshoe



Read Together:

The Magic Boots. We love this story about magic boots, but realized the magic is inside of him and it’s not actually the boots. 


Here are the materials you’ll need: sheriff cutout, string, stickers, and the locust pose coloring page. Make sheriff badges with stickers, and put string around them so they can wear them; color in locust pose handout


Play cattle corral game. Someone takes turns as the rancher trying to catch cattle and cattle have to go in the “corral” or corner when caught. Rancher tiptoes around and cattle are all on 4’s.


Listen and sing along to Toco El Sol as a fun way to wrap up your Go Texan activities!

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