Mother's Day Gift Guide

This year, give mom the gift that gives back.

As Luke Bryan says, "most mamas ought to qualify for sainthood." Whether you are shopping for you own mom, the person you call mom or the mom of your kiddos, we know you want to give them the best. This year consider the gift that gives back. We put together our favorite go to gifts to make shopping all the more fun!

For the Mom on the Go

  1. The Jollie Cheetah matwith matching two-tone camel strap
  2. Spiked Tutu Light Pink BKR water bottle

For the Mom who works out with you

  1. Coordinating mats
  2. Jollie Yoga Pose Cards

For the Mom who Loves a HIIT class

  1. Jollie Nuts and Bolts mat
  2. On Cloud Waterproof light pink running shoes

For the Mom who wishes for just a moment of quiet time

  1. Jollie Palm Yoga Mat
  2. Eucalyptus Diptyque Paris Candle

For the Mom who goes from carpool line to workout and on to lunch

  1. Jollie Hydrangea mat
  2. Amanda Lindroth Batik Palm Beach Tote

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